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Patent Attorney and Engineer, Expert in Patenting using New Scientific Method

Experts in Patenting

Since 1995, the office has successfully recorded many patents: Israel, the United States, Europe, the Far East and more. The secret of success is to pursue all aspects of the invention: Legal/ patenting, technical/ engineering, and user benefits; all in quality patent applications.

Hi-tech inventions- it's important that the patent attorney is also an electrical engineer, who can understand in depth your invention.

Simple Inventions- the challenge is to overcome a lot of similar inventions, and to achieve a strong protection, so others can't evade or bypass you patent.

Customize for Each Client

We will adapt the protection strategy to the nature of your invention, your present situation and your goals. You can choose a strong protection, the accelerated path to patent, or economy registration.

Is there a deadline? Will your invention be published soon? We have a fast filing track.

Innovative Tools for Patenting

Nowadays, it's more difficult to get a patent granted: the patent system is global, the examiner examines what exists worldwide; there are tens of millions of patents, and the number grows fast; patent laws are becoming more and more complex; there are currently complex inventions, such as software, communications, Internet, Electronics, smartphone apps; and there are simple inventions, which have to compete with a multitude of other simple patents.

To address this need and to help achieve success in patenting, our office has developed innovative tools, see
Innovative methods



We were able to register patents in Israel and the United States within two years or even one year. Accelerated examination is optional, and costs more. There is no guarantee that accelerated exam will be approved, or that a patent will be granted.

A patent can exist up to 20 years from the date of filing the application, namely; thus, the earlier you get a patent, the longer you enjoy patent protection. It's easier to pass the exam if you prosecute it earlier. Thus we developed tools for effective handling the exam.

We were able to obtain patents on issues considered to be problematic, such as software and even a method for filling lottery forms, which some may consider a business method.

The Nazareth District Court allowed us to use a novel method developed in our office, Patentics.

Marc was allowed to present his conclusions and recommendations to the Court as expert in patents, using Patentics. The new method allowed a clear and concise presentation, rather than a mountain of paperwork and lengthy text, which only obfuscate matters.

Marc presented two innovative proposals to the United States Patent Office, in response to USPTO requests aiming to improve its methods. The proposals are now presented at the USPTO site:

Marc's first proposal at the USPTO

Marc's second proposal at the USPTO

Examples of success in getting patents granted


Our team

Marc founded the office in 1995 and manages it to this day. Marc is a patent attorney and an electronics engineer.
Marc previously managed a high-tech company which he has founded, got an investment and received eight patents in the United States for his inventions. Marc was engaged in industrial R&D in electronics and software, in high-tech firms.

Managed projects in industry; was expert consultant to the Ministry of Defense, Israel Aircraft Industries, Elta and the late Dr S. Landsman.
Marc was appointed examiner of patent attorney candidates at the Israel Patent Office.

Dr Nir Essar, MD
of Counsel
General manager of the Psagot Institute, Dr Essar is a famous specialist, a bestselling author and a popular lecturer.

In Memory
Michael Ophir
The Hon. Michael Ophir was, for more than ten years, the Commissioner of Patents, Designs and Trademarks.
After retirement, Mr Ophir honored us by acting as consultant to our office.

New book on patents and innovation

The book discloses how you can profit from your ideas.
How to evaluate your idea, how to protect and commercialize it.

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Technical and Engineering Counsel
by an electronics engineer with R&D experience in industry

Accelerated Examination
Why it's better to get a registered patent earlier

Patents and Applications Revival
Your patent become abandoned? It may be possible to save it.

Second Opinion
Is the examination floundering? Are you otherwise dissatisfied? You might wish to consider another approach or strategy



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Service Marks

Innovative methods

Patents Game
The most effective way of learning is by experience. This fascinating game will teach you about patenting, while saving you precious time and money

How to achieve protection stronger than patent, using two or more IP instruments simultaneously

How to compare large and complex patents? How to efficiently draft the claims? Our novel method assists the patent attorney

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