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Registered Designs, How To

What Is a Design

Designs protect non-functional or ornamental features on industrial products.

Registering a design is easier and lower cost, relative to a patent.
However, this should not be the reason for choosing the IP instrument, but the nature of the invention.

There are inventions having a functional aspect, which can be protected with a patent; and also a non-functional aspect, which can be protected with a design.

In the United States, a design is called "Design patent". This sometimes leads to confusion, people thinking they have a patent when actually they only have a design.

Registered Designs of Israelis in the United States

PAT. NO. Title
1 D644,707 Grip with bipod
2 D644,557 Foldable artificial tree
3 D644,433 Compact ski carrier
4 D644,291 Magazine well extension
5 D643,687 Pancake holder
6 D643,585 Hamper
8 D643,583 Hamper with cover
9 D643,250 Mug
10 D643,229 Workbench
12 D642,655 Fly trap
13 D642,651 Firearm grip
14 D642,609 Point of sale terminal
15 D642,350 Composter
16 D642,214 Writing instrument
17 D641,552 Tool bag
18 D641,548 Holster cover
19 D641,526 Animal restrainer
21 D641,062 Pistol converter
22 D640,869 Rolling container assembly
23 D640,204 Cable tap box with four taps
24 D640,056 Toolbox
25 D639,941 Traction limiter handle
27 D639,556 Toolbox with pockets
28 D639,554 Toolbox
29 D639,065 Box with cover
30 D639,059 Organizer
31 D639,057 Child's trolley
34 D638,626 Container
35 D638,465 Point of sale terminal
37 D637,818 Hairbrush
40 D636,960 Litter receptacle
41 D636,289 Concaved medallion
42 D635,886 Gemstone
43 D635,769 Open tool tote
44 D635,271 Aesthetic medical device
45 D635,260 Scalpel
46 D635,239 Draft blocker
48 D634,857 Sawhorse
49 D634,422 Auto injection device

Source: US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Examples of Registered Designs in the United States

PAT. NO. Title
1 D644,815 Money box
2 D644,814 Mail parcel bin for a door
3 D644,813 Casket
5 D644,811 Hoist
6 D644,810 Shopping cart
7 D644,809 Cart
8 D644,808 Mattress mover
9 D644,807 Slim open trash can
10 D644,806 Semi-round open trash can
11 D644,805 Steam iron
12 D644,804 Appliance rack handle with badge
14 D644,802 Vacuum cleaner foot
16 D644,800 Vacuum cleaner
21 D644,795 Cat scratcher
22 D644,794 Flashing mouse toy
23 D644,793 Compressed catnip fish
24 D644,792 Compressed catnip mouse
25 D644,791 Mouthguard
32 D644,784 End cap for lamp
33 D644,783 Solar candle light insert
35 D644,781 Light emitting diode lamp
36 D644,780 Lens for an LED luminaire
38 D644,778 Ceiling lamp
39 D644,777 Lamp
40 D644,776 Lighting apparatus
41 D644,775 Lighting device
42 D644,774 Headlamp
43 D644,773 Vehicle tail lamp
44 D644,772 Taillight for a vehicle
45 D644,771 Taillight for a bicycle
46 D644,770 Blackout and night light
47 D644,769 Emergency safety night light
48 D644,768 Flame container
49 D644,767 Energy saving lamp

Source: US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)



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