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What is the best protection path for you

What is the best way to start the patent protection? Usually inventors start with a patent application in Israel, the United States or PCT. For starting in the United States, which is best: a provisional or a non-provisional patent application?
The answer is, that it depends on your current situation and your goals. Our office handles all the above venues, and more.

Benefits of PCT Filing

Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) now covers 151 countries and 4 regional patents.

When you file one PCT patent application, you are protected in these states for 30 months or more. In several countries you have to ask for an examination to get that coverage.

If you ask for examination, the result is a strong recommendation in all member states.
Thus it's easier to get patent protected in the member countries. There are also PPH agreements which further facilitate the patent grant.

Up to 90% Discount on PCT Fees

Residents of designated states are eligible to great discounts on the PCT fees. You may check the relevant info at
Up to 90% discount on PCT fees (pdf)

Additional information can be found at.
75% discount on PCT fees


Time Limits- National Stage

When are you required to file patent applications in the various countries? Usually within 30 or 31 months from priority. There are exceptions. For example, the limit in Israel and the United States is 30 months.

See Schedule of entry into national phase


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[PCT רישום בקשת פטנט ]

[PCT רישום בקשת פטנט ]

PCT member states
Source: WIPO



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