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On this page you will find various types of search and a variety of tools for searching patents: global search, search in the United States, Israel, patentability and freedom to operate study.

Many people fall victim to non-professional advice, such as: Let's first see if your invention does not exist; only in that case you should file a patent application. Of course this is nonsense, it is impossible to check EVERYTHING worldwide; I have never seen a written opinion stating that "your invention does not exist anywhere in the world".

The truth is that there is some uncertainty in patenting; it can be reduced with extensive tests, however certainty can never be achieved.

Extensive tests may be expensive and may take a long time to perform.

Unprofessional searches may cause damage: If the conclusion is to file, the inventor may invest money and effort based on false beliefs; Even greater damage could be caused from an erroneous conclusion not to file; in this case, the inventor may lose a great opportunity, perhaps one of a lifetime. In the former case the inventor may lose thousands; in the latter - millions.

We can advise you on a proper strategy according to your situation and goals.

NEW: Patents Search for Success

Present searches only look for obstacles to patenting. Someone only looking for problems and obstacles, acting carefully and defensively, may find success very difficult to achieve. To achieve success, one has to dare, to take the initiative, to look for opportunities and seize them.

The new Search will show you another perspective of reality, from a Can Do point of view.
Patents Search for Success

Patent Search Venues

The cheapest search possible is the search you do yourself- it's free. You may have to pay the price later on, if the search was not professional and you arrived at mistaken conclusions. You can perform a worldwide search at:

Worldwide patents search

You can search for Israeli patents and applications at:

Israeli patents search


What Search is Right for You?

There are various levels of patent search, and the price varies accordingly.

Our approach is that your effort in testing should be commensurate with your contemplated activity. For example, just a little research may be made prior to filing a modest provisional application; however, before starting large-scale production or marketing or other business activities, in-depth testing may be mandatory.

Our office performs various types of searches, adapted to each customer's requirements.

FREE: Search at Our Israeli Patents Database

We have developed a database of Israeli patents and published patent applications.

You can search by patent holders, inventor name, keywords, patent number, international classification or a combination AND of these criteria.

You can search for a combination of up to three different criteria, for example, for an inventor and a certain classification. Database searches and display of results are in Hebrew/ English.

The most up-to-date information on patent applications and patents in Israel can be found at the Israel Patent Office.

FREE: Search Our Israeli Patents Database

What is Important in Searches

Before performing the search, clear definition of your invention is required. Without this, it is impossible to determine a strategy for searching and no meaningful results can be achieved.

Next a search strategy is planned - a list of questions to present to the database. This requires expertise in both patenting and the technical aspects of the invention.

Patent searches are more difficult than searches: One difficulty is that patents are legal documents and should be interpreted as such; Another difficulty is that patents, unlike scientific databases, don't use standard consistent terms.
In patenting, the rule is that "Applicant is own lexicographer".

If the search is not properly and professionally planned, then the results are worthless, according to the well-known rule:
Garbage in, garbage out (GIGO)

Danger: The Shock of the Patent Search

Many inventors, once they see the search results, are overwhelmed, get scared and discouraged. They completely forget their invention. This is an emotional response.

We recommend to prepare a lifeline: Before performing the search, you should prepare a detailed description of your invention; we can advise you on what should be included in that description. After performing the search, you can return to that description which will remind you of your invention, and this will help you to reach an objective and rational decision.

Patents Search with Patentics

If the invention is complicated, it may be difficult to search. Simple inventions may also be difficult to search, since there are more prior art patents to compare with.

In patents searches, our new method may be useful. The method uses tools of high-tech to assist the search.

See Patentics

Patentability Study

The Patents search checks only one of the conditions for granting a patent, the Novelty requirement. The Patentability Study also checks the other criteria for granting a patent, such as technical feasibility, nonobviousness and more.

For details see Patentability Study

New book on patents and innovation

The book discloses how you can profit from your ideas.
How to evaluate your idea, how to protect and commercialize it.

The new book is available online at Amazon stores



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