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Patent Attorney and Engineer - Our Office Services

This page describes standard services as well as new innovative services such as stronger than patent protection, the patents game and a free database of Israeli patents.

Patents Search

Various types of search are performed at our office. You will find information that can help you to search for yourself, and tips to help you get more from searches at the patent attorney office.

For details see Patents searches

Patentability Study

Patent searches only check one requirement for patentability, NOVELTY; you can also check out other conditions, such as adequate technical description, inventive step and more.

For details see Patentability study

Freedom to Act Study

Even if you receive a registered patent, this is no indication that you are allowed to produce and sell the invention described in your patent.

If you plan business activities, we can search for others' patents which may be relevant, and study these patents. This is the Freedom to Act Study.

Patents Registration

We will accompany you through all the steps to successfully register a patent worldwide, if possible.
First you have to develop a strategy: To define the invention, how it compares to prior art, in which countries you desire to achieve protection, etc.

Second, we file patent applications as required, and pursue the application toward grant.

We strive to file quality patent applications, which advantageously describe your invention.

For details, see Patents Registration

How to Successfully Pass the Exam

During exam, both the legal/ patents and the technical side/ engineering aspects of your invention are reviewed.

Here, our vast experience in both patenting and technical R&D in the industry can prove useful.

For details, see Examples of success in patenting

Registering Intellectual Property - Not Patents

Our office handles the registration of all types of intellectual property, in addition to patents: designs, trademarks, service marks, etc.

What kind of protection is right for you? It depends on the nature of your invention. There are inventions that can't be protected with any of the intellectual property tools; other inventions have different aspects, which allow simultaneous protection with a number of different tools of intellectual property.

We can recommend the intellectual tools appropriate to your invention, and a comprehensive defense strategy; all integrated within your business plan.

Intellectual Property Registration

Advanced Tools 1: Stroger Than Patent Protection

After thorough research, we have developed a new method of combining together different kinds of intellectual property protection; you get a stronger protection than that of patent alone.

Any type of intellectual property has its specific laws, therefore effective protection requires a different strategy.

For example, patent protection requires to keep the invention secret until the filing of a patent application.

With trademark, however, it is best to start using the mark, and to file an application to register it - later. There are exceptions.

We have investigated the interdependence between the different types of protection. We devised the new method, Multi-IP.

For details see What is Multi-IP

Advanced Tools 2: A Systematic, Scientific Approach to Patenting

At present there are no tools to help the patent attorney in understanding complex inventions and for comparing with prior art. It is tedious, error-prone manual labor.

We developed a novel method, using high tech tools such as Boolean algebra, matrices, etc., adapted to support patenting work per Patent Laws, to assist the patent attorney. The method also helps in communications with the patent examiner.

The Nazareth District Court permitted Marc Zuta to present his recommendations as expert consultant to the Court, using the novel method, Patentics.

For details see Patenting using a new scientific system

Advanced Tools 3: Free Search in our Israeli Patents Database

Our firm has developed a database of Israeli patents and published patent applications. The database is available in this site. You can search by applicant, inventor, keywords, patent number, international classification; in English and/or Hebrew. You can search by a combination of these criteria. The results are in Hebrew and English, all as published at the official Israel Patent Office site.

FREE: Search Israeli patents and applications in this site, in English/ Hebrew

The database is based on info published by the Israel Patent Office.

The most up-to-date information on patent applications and patents in Israel can be found at
The Israel Patent Office site

Advanced tools 4: The Patents Game

We found that there are complex theoretical issues related to patenting that are difficult to explain to novices; even after lengthy (and expensive) explanations, inventors and managers may still not fully comprehend the issues involved; and even if they do understand, they may not remember them and assimilate them in their daily thinking and decision-making activities.

The best way of learning is by doing, not by rote!

Thus we developed a novel educational game is aimed at giving you experience and understanding on patentability issues; this in a relatively short time and at low cost- you lose only play money.

The game is based on a patent attorney's experience since 1995, and relating to many failures and successes, of a multitude of companies and inventors.

This fascinating game combines entertainment and sound guidelines, to teach you some fundamental issues in patenting.

The board game is built in the form of an Olympic running track- you learn that patenting is a race and that effort, planning and ingenuity are required. It is devised for two to six players. Not prior knowledge or experience in patenting is required. Actually, past experience may be detrimental, since inventors sometimes don't draw the correct conclusions from what has happened to them.

Patent Attorney's Opinion, Mergers and Acquisitions

Our firm is engaged in all aspects of patentability and patents infringement, as well as recommendations on the subject for
Due Diligence for Mergers & Acquisitions M&A.

Lectures and Workshops on Patent Protection and Creativity

Lectures of several hours to semester studies, or more. The workshops include explanations and hands-on exercises for the training of students, under the guidance of an experienced patent attorney.

[מהנדס עורך פטנטים]

New book on patents and innovation

[Patent attorney engineer]

The book discloses how you can profit from an invention or idea.
How to develop your idea, how to protect and commercialize it.
Author: Marc Zuta

The new book is available worldwide at Amazon stores

You can either buy a paperback or an electronic, Kindle book

Amazing Homemade Inventions 2016 #4


Expert advice

Technical and engineering advice
by an electronics engineer with R&D experience in industry

Accelerated examination
Why it's better to get a registered patent earlier

Revival of patents and applications
Your patent was abandoned? It may be possible to save it.

Second opinion
If the examination is floundering, or you are dissatisfied

Patents protection

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Patent in the United States

Provisional applications

PCT application

Patent in Europe EPO

Intellectual Property



Service Marks

Innovative methods

Patents game
This fascinating game will teach you about patenting, while saving your time and money

How to achieve protection stronger than patent

How to achieve a strong patent? How to overcome problems in examination? Patentics may help you

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