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פנה אלינו היום כדי להגן על ההמצאה שלך. ללא התחייבות

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Israeli Patents Database at Patent Attorney's Site

You can search for a word or expression by writing it in a window below. For example, to search the expression "digital radio" you simply write in the window
digital radio

If you write the two words in two windows, respectively, then a different search is performed, per the Boolean expression:
digital AND radio

Novelty patent searches require a worldwide search; a search in this database is not sufficient.
Patentability searches require a still more extensive search, to take into account the various patentability criteria.

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This database contains registered Israeli patents and published patent applications. Source: the Israel Patent Office.

This is an experimental project. The results are presented "As Is".

A powerful yet simple to use Patent search in Israel is thus implemented

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