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Many people dream about publishing their own book, the manuscript they toiled at day and night, maybe for several years. It's ok to dream, but to achieve this dream is difficult- it may cost $30, 000 or more, if a publishing house accepts your manuscript at all.

This all changed now, with a revolutionary publishing program at Amazon. They will help you and guide you to publish your own book. And the cost? It's free. Amazon will only collect a share of your earnings, if and when people pay you.

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Exponential threshold in radar

I have participated in High Tech projects in radar. I will share in these pages some ideas and technologies from these projects. Here I detail a small circuit which performs a rather complex function, and performs it successfully. It was carried from idea to design to integration in a large project.

Details on the Exponential threshold in radar mini-project


Patentics- the science of patenting inventions

It is strange, that patents are an essential part in the high tech revolution, yet high tech is not used in patenting inventions. Patenting now is performed as it always has been, since 200 years ago.

There are high tech tools for writing documents and drawing figures- but the most important task, the substantive work of planning the strategy and architecture of the patent application is a manual, labor-intensive process, performed in patent attorney's mind. The patent attorney does this alone, without any help, let alone using high tech instruments and technologies.

When I managed a patent attorney office which I have founded , I invented the Patentics(SM) system for helping the patent attorney in drafting patent applications and while prosecuting these applications. The system takes from the realm of High Tech, based on my experience as an electronics engineer in High Tech Research and Design (R&D).

Patentics was approved for use at the Nazareth District Court, when I was appointed consultant on patents to the Court (the honorable Shaher Atrash presiding).

Details on The science of patenting inventions


A high tech interpretation of dreams

Dreams preoccupy and stimy us all, experts and lay persons alike; from a King or Pharaoh, to the most humble on earth. There are many theories. Here is presented a new theory, based on ideas from High Tech.

There are great advances in High Tech, with a multitude of researchers worldwide cooperating and/or competing to create new magnificent ideas and to deepen our understanding.

This article details a new theory on the interpretation of dreams based on ideas and technologies from the High Tech realm.

Details on the High tech interpretation of dreams

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The book discloses how you can profit from an invention or idea.
How to develop your idea, how to protect and commercialize it.
Author: Marc Zuta

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