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Our expertise is in patents protection, including:
achieving patent protection in Israel and worldwide, strengthening patents and patent applications, reviving abandoned applications, and much more.

Route to a Patent in Israel

The stages for achieving a patent in Israel, from filing to patent grant, are detailed.

For details see Route to Patent in Israel

Improving Your Patent or Patent Application

A review by an independent, expert party may improve your chances of successfully passing the exam to get a patent granted.
This can be achieved by improving the patent application, taking a fresh approach, etc.
In case of a patent infringement, it may be beneficial to review your patent before taking legal action, just as a soldier checks his weapon before a battle.
An infringer may attempt to have your patent canceled and, if the patent is not strong enough, they may well succeed.

For details see Improving Your Patent or Patent Application

Revival of Abandoned Patent Applications

Patents are born with great fanfare, but die in silence...
Patent applications may also become abandoned.

If no action is timely taken, it may become very difficult or impossible to correct the situation.

For details see Revival of Your Patent Application

Patentics- Using Scientific Tools to Support Patenting

There are computerized tools to help in writing patent applications and preparing drawings, but there are no such tools to help the patent attorney in his substantive work: deciding on a protection strategy, taking into account the peculiars of the invention and prior art; planning the claims system.
Patentics(sm) was developed at our office, based on both Marc's experience as a patent attorney and his expertise as an engineer in high tech.
Patentics was approved for use at the Nazareth District Court, when Marc was invited to present his expert patent attorney testimony there.

For details, see Patentics- using scientific tools to support patenting

About Us

Our Office: founded 1995; draws on a pool of Israeli experts in various fields, to support patenting in a wide variety of fields and technologies.

The Honorable Michael Ophir, former Commissioner of Patents, Trademarks and Designs, was a consultant at our office until his demise.

* Patents grant in a shorter time, within two years and even within one year from filing the application.
Patent protection is limited to 20 years from filing the application, thus earlier grant may be a great benefit to the firm; the initial stage of a new product introduction may be critical, thus patent protection may be essential to success.
Success in any specific case and the time to grant, if possible, depend on many factors and can't be guaranteed.
* Success in getting patents approved, even in difficult cases and complex inventions, such as telecom, encryption, etc.
* We strive to achieve quality patents: The application and patent has to undergo scrutiy, examination and attacks, during the lifetime of the patent: to pass the examination at the Patent Office, to prevail in Opposition proceedings and in post-grant examination and attacks.
For example, we prevailed in opposition proceedings initiated by one of the largest corporations in Israel, Tadiran Ltd., through one of its affiliate firms.
Result: the opposition was rejected and a patent was granted.

Marc, founder of the Office: patent attorney (Israel), expert electronics engineer, inventor with eight US patents granted to his name.

Examiner of patent attorney candidates at the Israel Patent Office (appointment of Prof Daniel Friedman, former Minister of Justice).

Electronics engineer, a graduate of the Technion. Upon graduation, Marc served as a commissioned officer in the Israel Air Force. Marc then founded a high tech firm which did projects for the Israel Aircraft Industries, Elta, the Ministry of Defense and the famous expert in electronics and radar, Dr Serge Landsman.

Our vast experience in both patenting and technical R&D in the industry can help in achieving success in protecting your inventions.

For details, see Examples of success in patenting


This site does not present an offer; it does not create an attorney-client or professional-client relationship.
No professional advice is presented; consult a patent attorney before taking any action or arriving at any decisions.
It is impossible to guarantee that a patent will be granted in any specific case, or that an invention does not exit.

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