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Patentics- A Scientific Method for Patenting Inventions

At present there are no tools to help the patent attorney in understanding complex inventions and for comparing with prior art. It is tedious, error-prone manual labor.

We developed a novel method, using high tech tools such as Boolean algebra, matrices, etc., adapted to support patenting work according to Patent Laws, to assist the patent attorney. The method also helps in communications with the patent examiner.

The Nazareth District Court permitted Marc to present his testimony as expert witness on a case relating to patents infringement using the novel method, Patentics.

With the new method, the patent attorney has powerful tools to help him in achieving better patents. The tools are based on our experience in engineering, mathematics and management.

At present, sometimes an agent doesn't fully understand the invention as the inventor intended to; what the agent does understand is buried under much legalese, so the inventor himself can't much understand it anymore, and in this form it is filed.

Science is now very advanced, why not take advantage of new technologies and methods in patenting?

At present there are complex inventions which are difficult to comprehend and compare with other complex patents, all manually in one's head.

Using the new method Patentics, advanced tools help the patent attorney in his work. The result is an invention description which is better organized, to clearly and concisely present the invention.

When the inventor sees a clear description of the invention, it helps him to complete the description, correct misunderstandings, and to see more options.

Stronger than Patent Protection

After thorough research, we have developed a new method of combining together different kinds of intellectual property protection; you get a stronger protection than that of patent alone.
There is synergy between the various IP protection instruments.
Protection starts before a patent is granted and extends beyond the patent lifetime.

Each type of intellectual property has its specific laws, therefore effective protection requires a different strategy in each case, for example:
Patent protection requires to keep the invention secret until the filing of a patent application.
With trademark, however, it is best to start using the mark, and to file an application to register it - later. There are exceptions.
We have investigated the interdependence between the different types of protection. We devised the new method, Multi-IP.

Examples of Success with Patentics

Examples of success with registering patents


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[Scientific method in patents protection]

Our office has developed a new method for patenting inventions, using a scientific method.

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