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Improving Your Patent or Patent Application

A review by an independent, expert party may improve your chances of successfully passing the exam to get a patent granted.
This can be achieved by improving the patent application, taking a fresh approach, etc.
In case of a patent infringement, it may be beneficial to review your patent before taking legal action, just as a soldier checks his weapon before a battle.
An infringer may attempt to have your patent canceled and, if the patent is not strong enough, they may well succeed.

Our expertise is in patents protection, including:
achieving patent protection in Israel and worldwide, strengthening patents and patent applications, reviving abandoned applications, and much more.

Patentics(sm) may also be used in improving patents or patent applications. Patentics was developed at our office, based on both Marc's experience as a patent attorney and his expertise as an engineer in high tech.
Patentics was approved for use at the Nazareth District Court, when Marc was invited to present his expert patent attorney testimony there.

Another approach to improvements is striving for a stroger than patent protection, by combining together different kinds of intellectual property protection in the patent application; you get a stronger protection than that of a patent alone.
There is synergy between the various IP protection instruments.
Protection starts before a patent is granted and extends beyond the patent lifetime.


This site does not present an offer; it does not create an attorney-client or professional-client relationship.
No professional advice is presented; consult a patent attorney before taking any action or arriving at any decisions.
It is impossible to guarantee that a patent will be granted in any specific case, or that an invention does not exit.

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New book on patents and innovation

[Patent attorney engineer]

The book discloses how you can profit from an invention or idea.
How to develop your idea, how to protect and commercialize it.
Author: Marc Zuta

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