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NEW: Book on Patents and Innovation in Amazon Stores Worldwide

[Book on patents and innovation in Amazon stores]

[Book on patents and innovation in Amazon stores]

Who may Benefit from the New Book

Inventors and entrepreneurs

Inventors and entrepreneurs can learn how to succeed with an idea or invention. Today, one of the fastest ways to success is to protect and develop the right idea. You will learn in this book how to find the right idea and develop it, how to protect it and how to achieve success using the protected idea.

High-tech companies and start-ups

Patents are the main asset of High tech companies. Patents help secure an investment, enhance the valuation of the company, achieve cooperation deals and give an edge in business- a patent grants you a monopoly, to better compete against others.

Established firms

Established companies: Lack of progress actually means decline. Customers continuously demand new products and services, and your competitors are eager to satisfy the demand. The market is now global, defensive walls for domestic products have fallen down. Without patent protection, another company may come to offer your products or services at half price...

Large companies, institutions or universities may benefit from a faster examination, to achieve a registered patent faster. The maximum lifetime of a patent is 20 years from filing; thus, the earlier you get a patent granted, the more your business advantage is enhanced.

Employees in High-tech

Employees desiring a promotion or a career: Today more and more companies are encouraging employees to innovate and to register patents for the company. An employee who has registered a patent may get a financial reward or a promotion.

Sometimes the employee is mentioned in the patent together with his boss or the CEO, and this may help when bonuses or promotions are being considered.


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New book on patents and innovation

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The book discloses how you can profit from an invention or idea.
How to develop your idea, how to protect and commercialize it.
Author: Marc Zuta

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