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2. In all the terms below, "Office" means the patent attorney Marc Zuta, people employed by Marc and anyone connected to them.

3. The site contains general information and background material prior to meeting with a patent attorney. The material is presented "As Is" and is not intended to be used for any purpose; if you do, it is at your own risk. The Office will not be responsible for any damage caused to you and/ or to a third party due to use of the material in this site.
After reading the website, your meeting with the patent attorney will be more effective and productive.

4. I have tried to present material useful and up to date; but it is impossible to include all the relevant issues, and maybe what you need is not included.
For example, Patent laws vary by country.
Laws also change with time; new Court decisions as well as decisions at ILPO also have an impact, as well as Regulations, etc.
There is no guarantee that the information provided is updated according to the latest changes in the law or case law, or that it includes material for a particular purpose.
There may be errors, typos, etc.
Even if general principles are described, there may be exceptions, thus some things may not be suitable for you. Consult with the patent attorney for your specific case.

5. There are a lot of rumors and misunderstandings on the subject of patents search. A search can't answer with certainty whether your invention exists worldwide.
There are various levels of search, and the costs vary accordingly. A search can never predict with certainty whether a patent will be granted.
An in-depth search can be very expensive, more costly that filing a patent application.

You can do searches yourself in free databases on the Internet, however non-professional searches may lead you to erroneous conclusions, which may cost you dearly later on.
The patent attorney can advise you re searches and help you derive useful conclusions, all for a fee.

6. Using this site does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and The Office. The info is not legal advice or any advice. The description of our services does not constitute a proposal. We can prepare a proposal for your specific case.
All advice by the Office is only given in writing and for a fee.
Any agreement with the Office will only be in writing, signed by both parties- you and the Office. No verbal agreements. Emails are no advice and no binding agreements.

7. We have no control over material published on other sites and we are not responsible for these sites.

8. It's impossible to guarantee that a patent will be granted for an invention. Past performance is not guarantee for the future. In any activity there is an element of risk; this also applies to the complex field of patenting. Lack of action, however, is also risky- maybe a great opportunity is lost.

9. The site does not include any proposal. The Office reserves the right to accept a new client or not, without explanations.

10. Please do not send us your confidential info, except under a written and signed agreement between you and the Office or with our Office's a priori approval.
Info transmitted over the Internet may not be secure; we recommend to transmit it by registered mail or to deliver it in person.

11. Patents or other intellectual property (IP) registration does not end with the submission of the application, but it's an ongoing process over time including examination, renewals, compliance with formal and substantive requirements, etc. throughout the lifetime of the IP. These activities are time sensitive, and should be completed on time; otherwise you may incur additional expenses or you may lose your rights in the IP.
You can delegate these tasks to the patent attorney for a fee, otherwise you are responsible for timely performing these tasks.

12. Sending us info over the Internet or this site: We will keep your details in confidence and will not transfer them to a third party outside the Office, unless there is a legal requirement to do so.

13. All the contents of this site refers equally to both sexes.

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